DUO Freshness Factor

It is well known that Natural Vitamin C, L-ascorbic acid, has the proven power to smooth your skin,

enlighten its tone and actively Reverse Signs of Age.


But Vitamin C oxidizes over time, loosing these valuable properties. Other Vitamin C-based products may oxidize on the way to and on the shop shelf, or may contain less effective Vitamin C-derivatives.

DUO's Vitamin C serums are delivered in separate ingredients. This means they only activate when mixed, ensuring your skin gets the Freshest, fullest Potency Vitamin C every single day.


DUO's C serums are scientifically Formulated with synergistically acting anti-oxydants, humectants and the perfect Hyaluronic Acid molecular weight and source. They Penetrate easily into your skin at the optimal pH, surpassing the effect you could get with any rich antioxidant diet.


With comfortable shelf life of One Month, DUO C serums are devoid of artificial and harmful stabilizers and preservatives. DUO’s C serums are also free of emulsifiers, silicones or added fragrance. In fact, they contain ONLY ingredients that are essential to helping your skin. By using DUO you guarantee that your skin gets the Healthiest and most Clean & Green product. DUO C serums remain clear throughout their usage period, indicating no oxidation has occurred. NO ANIMAL TESTING HAS BEEN USED.


Feel the Luxurious sense and the rejuvenating effect of DUO C serums. Thousands of women already use DUO’s C serum and report loving its fabulous ‘Silky’ feeling with absolutely none of the common irritation or residues left on their skin. Use DUO's Safest and most pleasant Vitamin C serums for a healthy skin care regiment and long-term effect.