C 15 serum: World’s best Topical Vitamin C System

Serum C 15 three pack 

Exclusive packet with three units. Enjoy full effect of C15 serum for more than 3 months

Serum C15 one pack

Enjoy a trial one month pack and serum power

Serum C15 lightning

meet the powerful combination of the lightning effect of vitamin C with other strong lightning agents

These serums are an original and unique development by Duo cosmetics, allowing you to enjoy the outstanding anti-aging and depigmentation power of vitamin C.

These development implementing in these products is solving the sensitivity of Vitamin C and tendency to loose effectivity, allowing you to enjoy its great benefits.


C15 Serum is a Natural Vitamin C formulation specially created to revitalize your skin, even its tones and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. This way you can ensure your skin enjoys the full benefit of the freshest, most effective topical Vitamin C available.


Why Vitamin C? What's the benefits?

Natural Vitamin C, L-ascorbic acid, has the proven power to smooth your skin, enlighten its tone and actively reverse signs of age. Pure vitamin C reduces signs of age and rejuvenates the skin.


Special formulation

Vitamin C oxidizes over time, losing its valuable properties. In a standard product, Vitamin C once formulated and packaged will start to oxidize immediately. If a product is stored, transported and sits on the shop shelf, there is far less effectivity left.

Derivatives of real Vitamin C (anything that isn’t straight L-ascorbic acid, like ascorbic ascorbyl palmitate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate or magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) are much less effective on your skin to start off with.


Duo cosmetics vitamin C serums are delivered in separate ingredients. This means they only activate when mixed, ensuring your skin gets the freshest, fullest potency Vitamin C every day you apply it.


Duo cosmetics vitamin C serums are scientifically formulated with synergistically acting anti-oxidants, humectants and the Hyaluronic Acid with the right molecular weight and source. They penetrate easily into your skin at the optimal pH, surpassing the effect you could get with any rich antioxidant diet.

Serum C 15 has strong anti-aging effects: it support Cologne/collagen production in the skin, promote skin moisturizing, defend the skin from free radicles and has anti-inflammatory effect.



Serum C 15 lightning has an additional advantage: lightning your skin using a combination of Arbutin and Kojic Acid together with vitamin C. All three are powerful lightning agents with real positive effect on your skin tone, pigmentation and age spots.